2021 Intentions

The start of any year can be overwhelming in the best and worst ways.

With the possibilities of a brand new year, I tend to become anxious about my list of resolutions. The list gets longer, the overwhelm sinks deeper, and I honestly just don't know when to take my first step! The whole thing becomes a bit of a mess.

I decided to leave all my messy, exasperated ways in 2020 and start the big 2 1 with love, patience, and graaaaaaace.

Here is how I am setting some purposeful intentions for 2021.

1. DEAR 2020

I wrote 2020 a letter. I wrote all about my favorite bits and most importantly, the bits that caused great hurt and frustration, so I am well aware of what NOT to bring into this new year. I took ownership of my faults, made room for forgiveness, and set very strong and obvious boundaries for myself.


2020 I learned, 2021 I apply! Now that I know the areas I DON'T want to go to, I can start navigating the areas that are safe to explore! This is where a dream journal comes in handy.

I have 2 types of dream journals :

1. MY LIFE LIST. A list of things that make me, me! Discover more HERE. *I refreshed this list on the eve of my 27th birthday this year, Jan 4!

2. MY 300 LIST. I've ranted on and on about this list on my Instagram. It is changing my life!

You can discover more HERE.

In both journals, I've set out numerous heart's desires. Some are as farfetched as "...writing an album in an apartment in the south of France!" I've never been to Europe and I romanticize over the idea of making art in a land stained with poetry. I give myself room to dreeeeeeeeam. And when I'm ready, and the time is right, I set out clear ACTION STEPS to make these dreams a reality.


Not everyone is going to understand these new boundaries I've set for myself. Naturally, I want to compromise and make others feel comfortable, but I have to be resilient with my non-negotiables. Non-negotiables are a handful of choices that I cannot compromise under any circumstance. These give me joy, security, and improve my overall wellbeing and outlook on life.

When I compromise a non-negotiable, I am unhappy and self-sabotage.

If you aren't sure of what non-negotiables look like for you, begin making notes of your best and worst days. On a bad day, list out some key decisions you compromised to suit someone else.

Soon, you'll begin to understand why certain decisions are sacred and require your utmost respect and commitment.


Spread your goals out through the 12 months of 2021. You don't have to tick every single intention off in January! Take a deep breath, make a cuppa, go for a walk, (whatever brings clarity of mind) and think through the years of the month along with your goals. Which goals need immediate attention. Tackle those first. I'm giving myself JAN-MAR to complete 3 of my most pressing desires. The rest will receive adequate attention later in the year.


This will be your most important question this year.

"Without a vision, the people perish..." - Proverbs 29.18.

What do you want this year? What do you really, really want?

Give yourself space to create a clear VISION of your year.

What is your biggest dream? When people think of you, what name or sound or feeling do you hope they experience? Build a VISION board and refer to it daily or weekly to track your progress. I have a very visual mind so I love building mine through pictures on Pinterest. Here's an EXAMPLE.

These 5 steps are simple but deeply intentional. If honoured, (in no particular order) they have the power to transform your year.

I would love to know if you have other ways of setting intentions for the year ahead. Leave a comment below 🥰

Here's to you!


Alexia Rae.

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