All Things Sweet Café

Saturday's are for sleeping in, creamy coffee, and brunching with your favourites!

Last Sat, I took one of my favourites to a little place called All Things Sweet, Samoa.

Welcome to the sweetest cafe in Apia!

Saturday Brunch at All Things Sweet, Samoa.

Personally, baked goods are my GO-TO at cafés (apart from coffee of course ;) ) so I just about dropped my jaw on the floor when I saw what Jaydin had on display!

Chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon donuts, red velvet cupcakes, apple strudels...the list seemed endless!

Then I found the breakky menu. *does happy dance* Hehe.

You can guess we had a real good time!

Scroll down to see everything we ordered!

Our meal from left to right :

Dessert : Nutella filled donut, Cinnamon donut, Chocolate Chip cookies, Chocolate mini cake, Apple strudel, Berry + Plum strudel, Red Velvet cupcake, Snickers cupcake, and a Raspberry cheesecake.

Breakfast : The Hangover (Big Breakfast) and The Avocado Special.

Drinks : The Beat Retreat, the Tropical Greeny, and 2 Cappuccinos.

The interior of this sweet space is so cute, so quaint and so well thought out you would not believe it was situated smack bang on the busiest corner of town!

This particular Saturday was bustling with good vibes!

Giddy customers, good food, and a fully air conditioned café to escape the humid outdoors. Later on it poured outside and created a cozy atmosphere indoors, perfect for a second coffee and lengthier chats.

All in all, our experience here was a sweet + satisfying one.

I hope you add All Things Sweet, Samoa on your list of "Absolutely Must Visit!"


Alexia Rae.


All Things Sweet, Apia, Samoa.

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All images taken by Alexia Rae.

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