Taste Fiji Café

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to a Fiji favorite, TASTE Fiji!

I was born and raised in Fiji and only moved to Samoa 4 years ago.

Before leaving, Taste Fiji had just started up and I was privileged enough to have a couple experiences at the cafe. That early encounter left such an impression on me, I pursued a collaboration with them as soon as my Fiji flights were booked!

You can imagine my excitement when they said yes!

I had only a couple days before a wedding I was booked to photograph in Pacific Harbour, so timing was everything!

Taste Fiji were incredibly flexible with my dates and before I knew it, I was walking through the doors of my first international #SAREats collaborations. (Sincerely, Alexia Rae EATS)

The cafe sets off a very rustic, vintage feel but with a modern twist.

Now for the main feature...

Our entire spread makes my mouth water! It was divine!

Clockwise from top : Lemon meringue cupcake, Chocolate fondant with honeycomb, Kumquat and coconut mini loaf, Okra and eggplant with garlic crisps, Big Taste salad, Beef cheek with pumpkin mash and tempura okra, Fresh snapper, pickled radish salad, Chocolate & coconut brownie (GF),

Passionfruit cheesecake  (GF), Corned beef sandwich coleslaw, Kumala crisps, tomato chutney 

Chickpea felafel, hummus and poached egg.

My personal favorite from this spread was the Beef Cheek + Soursop Smoothie.

As you can tell, I had a most glorious time capturing everything on camera! It all just looked, smelled, and tasted SO good!

Many thanks to Lee + Louise and their team at Taste Fiji for hosting my sister and I with a very special spread. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with you!

I hope you get to experience Taste Fiji for yourself, someday soon!

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All images taken by Alexia Rae with the help of Jessie Rae.


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