Nourish Café

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to one of Samoa's finest.

Welcome to Nourish Café.

Brunch at Nourish Cafe, Apia Samoa.

From the moment we walked through the doors, the team at Nourish welcomed us with friendly smiles and prompt service.

The classy interior only adds to the experience.

It's cool, crisp, and clean atmosphere is the perfect escape from the harsh, Samoan heat!

Still, no matter the weather, I always start with a coffee. And Nourish offer a GOOD one.

But first, coffee.

Next up, brunch.

Nourish Café highlights HEALTHY living, so you can always expect a meal prepared for the nourishment of your body + mind.

I asked Kalais (owner + creative mind behind Nourish Café) to prepare a spread of her choice. And man, did she deliver!

Scroll below for an honest to goodness glorious sight!

Believe me when I say this spread tastes as good as it looks!

Our meal clockwise : Gourmet Grill, Breadfruit Tacos, Vai Tipolo (Fresh Lemonade), Salsa Fish, Chicken Bao, Niu (Fresh Coconut Water), Cappuccino, Bliss Balls, Matcha-Lime Cheesecakes, Koko Pe'e Pe'e (Samoan Style Chocolate Blancmange), Salad, Taro Wedges, Pineapple Chicken, Herbal Tea, Coconut Crusted Chicken, and the Nourish Knockout Smoothie.

Hungry yet ? Ha!

Keep scrolling for a feel of the Café.

It's such a beautiful space and so easy to capture!

My favorite part is the feature wall.

You can find a new quote every week or so.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Kalais and the team at Nourish Café for such a delightful experience! You've left us with full hearts and tummies. Hehe.

I cant wait for you to experience Nourish Café for yourself.

You're in for a real treat.


Alexia Rae.


Nourish Café, Apia Samoa.

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All images taken by Alexia Rae.

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