Eloping in Samoa

The idea of eloping paints this rebellious idea of running away together and getting hitched on some hillside overlooking the ocean, the open water symbolising your unquenchable

love for one another!

Theatrics aside, with the current state of the world's economy, the cost of a comfortable lifestyle, and saving for a home, the concept of elopements are becoming much more

attractive to the conscious couple.

And why not?

At the end of the day the only thing that matters is marrying the love of your life,

so why not highlight on that.

I have worked in the wedding industry for the past 8 years and have concluded that elopements are the most intentional and affordable option for a wedding.

Here are 5 reasons why I think more couples should elope...


To start a great marriage you want to focus on just that - your Marriage.

I've seen it time and time again - my couples who elope are so much more intentional with how they interact on their day. There is deep eye contact, a heightened level of intimacy and understanding of one another's needs, and an overall sense of peace.

On the contrary, my couples who choose a more traditional full day wedding have to fight hard to stay happy, rested, and focused on one another. Sure, there is still a sense of happiness

but at what cost?


Who says it has to just be the two of you?

The decision to elope means you get to highlight on hosting a handful of your nearest and dearest! It's important to choose witnesses you cannot imagine your life without - these are the people who will stick by you through the inevitable highs and lows of your marriage and will champion you to stay faithful to your vows till the very end. This also means you get to vacation together! Fun!


Samoa is one of the most beautiful locations I've ever laid eyes on. It's understated elegance is enough to make you feel like you're dreaming wide awake. Untouched, serene, and completely private, Samoa has a diverse number of secluded locations, perfect for elopements!

What's even better is you get to marry your love and experience an adventure all at the same time!


There are zero rules when it comes to eloping, so wear whatever you want!

I love movement, so if you're keen for some carefree, wildly romantic photos,

choose an ensemble that allows you to move with comfort and ease.

Ladies, you can choose a flowy dress, a veil, or let your hair out!

For more ideas, check out my PINTEREST board.


Choosing to elope means you can invest in vendors who provide a lifelong

service like a photographer and filmmaker.

Your hours don't have to be split running here and there, anxious about multiple vendors, whether or not your guests are comfortable, or if you remembered to eat something.

Elopements strip down the entire process into one fluid motion, so you highlight on exactly what feels like you. You can maximise your hours with your hired photographer and/or filmmaker, and even make a day of it, choosing multiple locations and having

a full blown adventure!

This isn't a sale's pitch.

I earn a decent living from full day weddings, there's no question about it.

If at any point, these words have caused a quickening in your chest,

eloping might be for you!

If you would like to chat more about the possibility of hiring me as your

Elopement Planner and/or Photographer, you can email me at

alexia@sincerelyalexiarae.com or follow the links below.

Find more of my Elopement Photography here or Inquire here.


* Photos from my recent elopement of Karisa + Shaune,

along Sinalei Reef Resort, on March11, 2020 (2 weeks before official worldwide lockdown!)

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