How to Support an Insta Biz

Instagram’s algorithms change as often as fast fashion trends.

It’s imperative that small businesses on Instagram identify key ways to encourage AUTHENTIC engagement so even if the algorithm changes, your brand following is strong and consistent!


  1. Focus on your content. The average attention span is between 7-10secs - YIIIIIIIKES! Instagram users scroll through their home feed at record speed. VIDEOS are a good form of content as it holds more intrigue and is more likely to get your Insta follower to STOP THEIR SCROLL and pay attention.

  2. Respond to your engagement! Don’t leave your followers' comments or messages hanging and pleeeeease don’t leave them on SEEN. Value your community enough to reply, to comment, to engage with their interest in your brand. Your followers want to know you care about them before they make a purchase.

  3. Promote your page ALL THE TIME. The biggest mistake I see brands making is waiting for a dry spell before they start promoting their page and paying for advertising. Consistency is KEY, my friends. Focus on building your brand and KEEPING it there! Don’t slack off and expect to keep your engagement rates up.

  4. This is where a team will come in handy. Your business shouldn’t stop because you do. You NEED breaks, holidays, time doing something else so you don’t burn out. If you don’t have the financial budget for a team just yet, offer collaborations - a shoutout from your page, free products/services, discount codes, valuable work experience. This is not a one-man band my friend. Get yourself a reliable team and watch your business rise!

  5. Believe in yourself! Easier said than done, but CRUCIAL! Your business will only go as far as your innate belief in its success. If you’re having a really bad day, please take a break. Refresh the systems and do something you love. Journal your up days and down days so you can revisit them for inspiration. Follow accounts that provide VALUE and INSPIRATION, not COMPARISON!!! I cannot stress this enough. The moment I start to feel comparison with an account, I mute them. I will eventually revisit and unmute when I no longer feel threatened inside. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.


  1. Engage with your fav brands. If you love our page, please engage with our page. LIKES, COMMENTS, SHARES, + SAVES not only boost our morale but they also get attention from the INSTA ALGORITHM. The more you engage with our posts, the more frequently you will see our work/posts/stories and the more chances we have of others viewing our work too! The algorithm isn’t fair, so we greatly rely on our follower interaction to keep our page on a consistent climb and encourage authentic growth!

  2. I’ll say it again, ENGAGE. That’s really it. That’s all we really need to make it on this platform. So, thank you, friend. Thank you for showing up and helping us put food on the table, a roof over our heads, and drawing more and more people into our community! We love you!

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Sending you alofa (love) from my little corner of paradise!


Alexia Rae.


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