My Life List

Living a life of intention means being resolute about the joys we experience in life. If you're anything like me, you also find it hard to be committed to the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

This is my Life List.

I am filling it with things that feel true to my nature.

True to the essence of who I am.

As I grow, the list grows with me. We ebb and flow through seasons of change together.

This is my reminder that life is to be savoured.

Here goes...

I like dancing alone.

I like lighting candles after a long day.

I like a good ole body scrub.

I like the feel of a clean body, the smell of coconut oil on my skin, and damp hair as I retire for the night.

I like singing my thoughts.

I like long drives.

I like napping at the beach on a rainy day.

I like deep conversations.

I like reading novels, alone, with a cuppa and cookies.

I like cooking nourishing meals.

I like eating mostly plant based with an occasional meat dish.

I like babies. Correction. I LOVE babies.

I like movies. But only the good ones. The bad ones are a waste of my time.

I like playing the guitar and inventing new melodies.

I like listening to people talk. Whether I'm a part of the conversation or not, doesn't matter.

I like being a cheerleader for my friends. This gives me purpose in our relationship.

I like confronting the root of my fear.

I like sitting still in candlelight.

I like dancing in the sand under the stars.

I like pasta. Correction. I freaking LOVE pasta.

I like travelling.

I like scrolling through my Instagram after a long day and seeing what everyone has been up to. It makes me happy. I follow good people.

I like a glass of red wine when I'm home.

I like a margarita when I'm out with friends.

I like swimming in the ocean at sunset when the sky and sea melt into a delicious blend of ice cream.

I like scented candles.

I like picking flowers for myself more than I like being gifted flowers. I much rather be gifted food.

I like taking photos for memories sake. I like them even more if I don't share them online.

I like sitting still in a "moment."

I like quiet. I really like quiet.

I like falling asleep to the rain.

I like the smell of coffee in the morning.

I like drinking the coffee too. Creamy. No sugar.

I like deep breaths.

I like talking to God like He is my friend. Cause He is.

I like listening to Him. He always says the sweetest things.

I like long, slow stretches.

I like the sound of my mum's laugh and the way her eyes light up and her nose crinkles.

I like Salsa. I can manage a new class with new people, but I always prefer to salsa with friends.

I like discovering new places.

I like paying for someone else's meal.

I like using different mugs in different seasons of my life.

I like writing lengthy conversations to myself.

I like the feel of a full length dress as it sweeps my legs and brushes my feet.

I like a fresh face. And clean hands. I can be an absolute mess but if I have clean hands and a clean face I'm alright.

I like travelling in a campervan. More than I like sleeping in hotels.

I like heading to a beach fale for a few days with my sisters and Mum.

I like brushing my hair in the evenings. It's therapeutic.

I like laughing. I really like laughing.

I like smiling all the time. It's hard not to smile when life is this good.

I like knowing when to quit. Not because I have lost hope, but because I know when something no longer serves me.

I like being single. This season has helped me discover how powerful I am without distraction.

I like church on Friday nights. It seems to be the perfect end to the week and start to the weekend! Also, this means Sunday's are for sleeping. *Heart Eyes

I like being different. I notice a bit of a rebellious streak in me when I'm "told" who to be because I think, "Life can't be that simple. People are NOT the same."

I like dreaming.

I really like dreaming with God. He always lifts my expectation to a place I wasn't confident to go alone.

I like being me.

I like Alexia Jenna Rae-Costello at 26. She is quite the gentle warrior. Quiet but confident. Bold but reserved. Outgoing but introspective. A really good blend. Moulded by the Maker. Thank You Jesus.

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