My Life List

In March, 2020, I created a list of things that make me feel unmistakably like me.

This list helped save me from being in community that was stifling my growth and compromising my identity.

10 months in, and 2 days away from my birthday, here is My refreshed Life List!

*The bones are the same but there's def some signficant changes. 🥰

I like the feeling I get when I hear a new song for the first time and immediately love it within the first 5secs 🤗 It's one of my fav feelings in the world.

I like lighting candles after a long day. Or at the beginning of the day. Anytime of the day, really.

I really like an outdoor shower.

I love long baths in very warm water, some bubbles, and a body scrub. Delicious!

I like lazing on the beach as the sun sizzles my skin. Mmmmm....

I like long drives with my season's playlist.

(Right now it's "A Little Bit of Magic" ⭐)

I love nights in with a cuppa, a lazy book that could put me to sleep, and an easy listening playlist. 😍

I love dancing with my feet in the sand under the stars, eyes fixed on the crashing waves. All that movement blesses my heart!

I like bread. Correction. I flipping looooove bread. (My French-Samoan aiga do it best 🤤)

I like the unknown of travelling someplace new. I like the uncertainty, nerves that come with having to navigate solo, and if I have to, asking strangers for help.

I like scrolling through my Instagram after a long day and seeing what everyone has been up to. It makes me happy. I follow really good people.

I used to really like wine. I didn't think I could love a beverage more. But right now, I'm loving tea... a sleep blend of chamomile, passionflower, and blackcurrent 🤤

I like my own company and will prefer a solo night in 4/7 nights of the week.

I like swimming in the ocean at sunset when the sky and sea melt into a deliciously colourful blend of cotton candy ice cream.

I love sitting alone on a pier, music in my ears, watching the sunset and the stars start blinking in the black canvas of the night sky.

I like my diffuser. Currently loving the blend of peppermint, geranium, and cedarwood 🧡

I like picking flowers for myself more than I like being gifted flowers. I much rather be gifted food.

I like taking photos for memories sake. If the moment is extra special for me, I rather not share them online.

I like sitting still in a "moment."

I really love my job as an influencer. Getting to speak and express my thoughts aloud and having a receptive community is the biggest blessing!

I love the feeling of falling asleep to the rain when I'm cozy indoors.

I like the smell of coffee in the morning. Even if I end up drinking tea.

I like the thought of buttery pancakes for breakfast but I'd be just as content with a hot cuppa instead.

I like my hot cuppas creamy and sugar free. Unless it's a Rae Latte, in which case, just as sweet as it is creamy!

I like the sound of my mum's laugh and the way her eyes light up and her nose crinkles.

It's a novelty cause she doesn't find me very funny. Hehe. If I can make her laugh, I am the happiest daughter in the world!

I LOVE DANCING. I can watch dance videos for hours. Currently enjoying STEEZY!

I like being the anonymous donor or gift giver.

I like using different mugs in different seasons of my life. Currently using my clear, glass mug.

I like writing lengthy conversations to myself. I barely ever re-read what I've written.

I like the feel of a full length dress when it sweeps the ground as I walk and gently caresses my legs.

I love clothes. I have become extremely picky with wardrobe so that everything I wear feels like art and poetically tells my story. I would say my base wardrobe palette is whites, nudes, and earthy tones, but I do greatly enjoy pops of vibrant, tribal colour!

I love thrifting just as much as I love buying brand new from an ethical, sustainable, and eco conscious label. The joy is deep.

I like brushing my hair several times a day. It's so therapeutic for me. Long shiny locks makes me feel like I'm in control.

I like clean hands. I can be an absolute mess but if I have clean hands I'm alright.

I wash my face way too often. There's something about a fresh face that is so comforting to me. I can cry, I can swim, I can eat whatever I want whenever I want and not have to think about smudging hehehe.

I like travelling in a campervan. Maybe more than I like sleeping in hotels? I dunno. Check back in with me in a few months.

I like doing the unexpected. Not for any other reason than to remind myself that I shouldn't be living in a box!

I really like laughing.

Currently looooving @lorinapages and @treynkennedy on Insta. Hours of scrolling and lol'in hard!!

I love smiling. These days, it's hardly ever forced or for the sake of being polite. I genuinely love to smile.

I'm learning to love the power to say NO.

Not because I have lost hope, but because I know when something no longer serves me.

I have loved being "single." This season has helped me discover how powerful I am without the distraction that had come from painful, imbalanced relationships.

It also makes me think that when I meet the right man, he's going to make me looove being "taken" hehe.

I love dreaming. I recently read a quote that went, "A dream without a plan is only a wish!", and so, I am learning to like planning out my dreams.

I love who I am in Christ. I strongly dislike who I am without Him.

It's taken a lot to get here, but here is pretty special. I'm 2 days shy of my 27th birthday, and 24 sleeps away from Day 1 of Rhema Bible Training Center. Life is one unpredictable, yet well ordained, journey and I am so super grateful that Jesus chooses the dreamiest path possible for this pepe!

This is me.


Alexia Rae.


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