Giordano's Pizzeria

Imagine making your way home after a long day at the beach, sun kissed and care free, and stumbling upon a big ole GIORDANO'S PIZZERIA sign along the cross island road - of course you're hungry so you turn in to park.

Immediately you hear the faint sound of Italian love songs, your nose gets a whiff of something delicious, and once through the gateway, your eyes meet the sweetest sight.

Welcome to Giordano's Pizzeria + Garden Restaurant.

This quaint place has a hint of nostalgia that I've come to cherish since discovering it almost 4 years ago. It's like the Italy I remember in movies but with the loving touch and friendly feel of Samoa.

NOW... lets get down to business!

The food!

Because I am so familiar with the menu, it was tough finalising my orders for the night!

However, I am suuuuuper happy with my decision and very excited to share it with you all.

Each dish I highly recommend!

Clockwise : SMALL Thai Chicken Pizza, Spaghetti Ala Jill (Half-Portion), Tropical Salad (Half-Portion), SMALL Blue Cheese Pizza, MEDIUM Mediterranean Lamb Pizza, Spaghetti Carbonara (Half-Portion), and a crowd favourite, the Olive Tapenade.

Drinks were Vai Tipolo (Fresh Lemonade) + a glass of Red Wine.

Part of the charm of the evening was getting to share it with my sweet boy, Myka. He takes all the photos you see of me and helps to eat all the food too! Hehe.

Here are some photos we took together.

As the night progressed we decided on some dessert - the classic "Indulgence" featuring Gio's famous Chocolate pie accompanied with brownies and ice cream! We also ordered a Coconut Parfait from the Specials menu. A seriously delicious treat! And so ideal after pizza.

Pair that with some tea + coffee (barista made) and you're good as gold!

On that sweet note, I hope you're convinced to give this place a visit.

You're going to be so glad you did!


Alexia Rae.


Giordano's Pizzeria + Garden Restaurant, Motootua, Samoa.

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All images taken by Alexia Rae.

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