Thrifting Done Right.

If you love fast fashion chains it's probably because you hate thrifting. To be fair, why on earth would someone spend hours on a blind hunt when they could get their perfect size in every color INSTANTLY.

I learned to love thrifting before I learned what fast or slow fashion was! And now that my love for #SlowFashion has greatly increased, so has my passion for thrifting!

In this blog post, I am sharing my tips that have helped me thrift successfully EVERY SINGLE TIME and also share with you some of my fav thrift brands (and close friends) who do the hard slog for us and make ethical, affordable fashion MUCH TOO EASY!

So first, here are my TOP TIPS when thrifting :

1. Walk in with a Game Plan

I love Pinterest for all the "Wardrobe" inspo it brings. I visualize an outfit I really like and try to find something similar.

2. Shop Strategically

I go through DRESSES, then pants, skirts, shorts, and finally shirts and tops. Dresses make everything better, so starting with dresses help me ease into thrifting without it feeling like a chore and I don't get one bit upset if I don't find anything I like.

3. Focus on FABRIC

The fabric says a lot, if not everything, about a garment! I focus mainly on natural fabrics like LINEN, COTTON, SILK, AND RAYON (which technically is a semi-synthetic fabric but wears well in the summer).

When moving my way through the aisles of possibilities, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I use my hand as a guide and brush through every piece of material while my eyes look for my preferred fabrics in my preferred color scheme. I like to look for whites, blacks, creams, or solid colors. Occasionally I will look for timeless prints like stripes and florals.

4. Quantity over QUALITY ! THEN Vice Versa

Yup, you read right haha. Here's the thing, when I thrift, I like to make sure every single trip is worthwhile. If I see something I like, I throw it in my basket.

When I'm ready for the checkout counter, I find a quiet space and go through every piece looking for tears, stains, or to ask myself " Do I need this ? Will I wear this more than a few times ?"

This obviously reduces my mountain of a pile into about 5 or less pieces that are in GREAT condition and I absolutely adore!

5. ENJOY the Process

Thrifting can be the most therapeutic process. When I have too much on my mind, I love going to a thrift shop. I find it incredibly calming to take my time through every aisle and find the pieces that spark joy - if not for myself, then for someone I love. I don't always end up spending $ but I usually feel more down-to-earth when I'm done.

Was that helpful ?

Maybe some of you are feeling more prepared to take on your local thrift shop, but maybe some of you need a little extra nudge. Here's where things get really good.

- My Top Five Online Thrift Shops -



3. SIS



Ready, set, THRIFT!


Alexia Rae.

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