What is Mental Health?

If you've clicked on this blog post, kudos to you! This shows me that you care about the state of your mental health and want to learn more about why your mental health matters.

First things first, WHAT IS MENTAL HEALTH ?

Mental Health

Noun : A person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.

Now, what is MENTAL ILL-HEALTH ?

To explain this adequately, here is an excerpt from Dr. Caroline Leaf's blog post [1]:

"Through her work, which continues to this day, Dr. Leaf noticed that mental ill-health is not just a biological imbalance that could be “cured” by medication; it is a disorder of the mind that can be caused by a traumatic thought life [21]. In other words, mental ill-health is a thought disorder based in the mind, which changes the brain physiologically."

Here's how I learned about MENTAL HEALTH and why it's become so important to me.

As long as I can remember I have allowed my atmosphere to dictate how I think, feel and act.

I grew up in church, and traditional church culture in the Pacific Islands demands an attitude of HONOR. It is an attribute that I am grateful to have learned so young, however, there are certain aspects of " Church Culture HONOR" that I now

realise is very unhealthy.

HONOR in #ChurchCulture means submission, a quiet spirit, and being a YES man.

Let me go on record for saying I LOVE CHURCH, however, because church is made up of a bunch of imperfect people, there is NO PERFECT CHURCH. Having said this, everything I am learning now has to do with establishing a healthy thought life and re-learning who I am and my reason behind my decision making.

Because I grew up in a culture that did not encourage open and honest conversation, I learned very young to suppress my feelings. This, as you can imagine, was not healthy. Not dealing with the issues as they came up actually magnified their effect and left me feeling worse off than when I started. No matter how hard I tried to live a certain way and please the people around me, I never felt good enough.

This is the ugliest, most unfulfilling, empty and exhausting mindset to have.

I discovered Dr. Caroline Leaf's DETOXING THE BRAIN [2] about a year ago and my life radically changed!

Here's what I learned - suppressing real emotions and negative thoughts restricts my ability to process what I think which it turn physically damages my brain and prohibits it's ability to function correctly.

Rather than allowing my atmosphere to dictate or SMOTHER my thoughts, feelings, and actions, I now process EVERYTHING myself until I can make a fully informed and confident decision. Now of course, not everything needs this sort of mental reevaluation, like where you should go for dinner with friends, but applying this mindset to BIG LIFE decisions will 100% have a positive effect on the way you think and therefore, heighten the quality of your life.

Since I applied the 5 simple steps of DETOXING THE BRAIN, I can confidently say that I live my best life! Each decision I make is my own, I live in freedom, and am learning every single day to be a more honest human being. My life is not perfect, and I still have many fears I am processing through, but I am so happy because I'm in the place I have chosen to be.

My life is my choice.

And yours should be too.


Alexia Rae.


[1] A Brief History Of Mental Health Care In The Twentieth Century - Paragraph 5.

[2] 21 Day Brain Detox

Watch The Dr. Leaf Show For More Insight Into The Power Of The Brain.


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