Sustainable Samoan Skincare with Mailelani

Since transitioning into #SustainableLiving I have had my eyes peeled for any place, product, or person that supports this lifestyle.

I have followed tons and tons of new pages on Instagram and read through many blogs and websites featuring #SustainableFashion, #HealthyLifestyle, and #EcoConscience goods from all over the world!

Imagine my excitement discovering a #Sustainable gem in my own backyard!

I have been using Mailelani products since moving to Samoa - In 4.5 years of using their range religiously, they have become my #1 skincare routine.

My Daily Routine :

- Mailelani Body Oil (Pure + Simple or Mango + Papaya)

- Mailelani Tumeric Balm (on my feet since they get a LOT of sun and on other dry patches or rashes)

- Mailelani Soap (Charcoal Soap is amazing!)

- Mailelani Lip Balm

NEW to the Mailelani family is REFILL oil jars! This means I can take in my used and empty bottle of Mailelani oil into the shop for a refill saving both $ and additional plastic bottles!

I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, even some who mock simple decisions towards sustainability, but I cannot deny that I have witnessed many times throughout my life a ridiculous amount of WASTE. With plastic wraps, individually plastic packed food items, plastic bags (the ones we use in Samoa are biodegradable), packaged grocery items, and single use household items (spray cans, laundry pack, cleaning spray bottle, etc.) to name a few.

My decision towards sustainability is because I believe that global change first begins with me.

I can only preach what I first PRACTICE. I want to practice reducing my waste; I want to practice using my reusable coffee cup and grocery bag; I want to form a healthy habit of reusing and recycling even if it seems too simple or insignificant!

I must believe that every small step I take is essentially part of the BIGGER picture.

Imagine if 1 BILLION of the world's population decided to make an active step in reducing single use items? Bigger cooperations providing single use items would either go out of business or need to reevaluate their work plan.

I love challenging myself to look beyond my patch of paradise and think GLOBALLY.

Are you pracitcing #SustainableLiving ? If yes, what are some tips you'd like to share with me?

If not, what's holding you back ?

Feedback WELCOME below <3


Alexia Rae.


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All images taken by Alexia Rae and Myka Stanley.

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